Detailing / Undercoating

Detailing Inside and Out:  Starts at $150 depending on the size and level of detailing needed.  Please call or stop in for a quote.
Undercoating is a protective product that is used to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage. It protects your car from moisture, salt, grime, and other substances that can damage and rust your vehicle over time.  
Most people don’t ever wash their car’s undercarriage, so these substances can build up and wreak havoc over a long period of time, hurting the car’s safety and resale value. Undercoating can protect against this.
*Rustproofs, Seals, and Protects – Environmentally Friendly – and Flexible so won’t flake off your undercarriage and need to be re-applied each year!

Small 2 Door Cars  


4 Door Cars, Small Trucks


Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s


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